My name is Kanami Takeda. I born in Japan and educated as a ceramicist in Denmark. 

I worked with clay first time when I was taking a short course at art school in Denmark.
I fell in love with porcelain, this smooth, noble and delicate material.
I am fascinated and sometimes frustrated how they change its character through the whole process to the final piece.
And this experience lead me to go back to Denmark to get a BA in ceramic art and design in Royal Danish Academy of Design.  

In my work I would like to share my exploration of the clay as a material.
It has countless possibilities and never reach its end.
My pieces are for focusing on the unique aspect of the clay and stimulate your curiosity. 


Artist  Statements / CV



My product line is started with porcelain jewelries in 2011 when I was student.
I love the moment that customers smile when they look at my pieces and it encourages me to continue.  
I like to go and find old, beautiful and weird things at antique or flea market and the first white porcelain series had got a lot of influence by it.
They are unique pieces to spice up a simple Scandinavian lifestyle yet designed to keep a good harmony with other minimalistic designs. 

After I move back to Japan, I am working on a different line which is inspired by daily life in Japan,
which is more focus on colors and textures of glazes.

The collections are changing and growing with an environment which is surrounded myself, reflecting where I live and who I am.
I hope you enjoy the changes in my pieces and keep following to see where I am going next.

All pieces are carefully handmade by myself at my home studio in Japan.