I fell in love with porcelain, this smooth, noble and delicate material, when I first time touched it at a short ceramic course in Denmark. 
It needs extra care than the other clay and frustrate me a lot but I found it more interesting. 

For the product of KanamiTakedaCeramics, I am using porcelain from Arita in Japan. I have tested a lot of different kind of porcelain in Japan, and chose the one which gives most soft white when I fired in electric kiln.

Yet keep testing new clay and get to know about characters of each clays are important for me. I am trying to choose the best clay which gives best performance in each product and open for any other materials. 



KanamiTakedaCeramics is using basically only use original glaze, made by mixing raw materials.
Making glaze is like as cooking, it gives different result with small adjustment of sugar amount or how long you put chicken in the oven.
It has endless combination and it is one of the most exciting moment when I open the kiln and take out glaze test tiles. 





White porcelain series is inspired a lot by the old, beautiful and weird things which I found at flea market or antique shop. They has special charm to stimulate your inner collecto-mania, I tried to my piece to get a similar charm and hope them to be in a flea/antique market after decades with same mysterious charm. 
They are also made to be a unique pieces to spice up a simple Scandinavian lifestyle yet designed to keep a good harmony with other minimalistic designs. 

Since I came back to Japan, I mostly get inspiration from a daily life in Japan, specially modern Japanese life which is fine mixture of tradition and Western/European style. 
It is also more focus on colors and textures of glazes, since Japan has such a rich market of raw materials for the ceramics. Testing new materials is the one of the most exciting things as a ceramicist for me. I often get ideas for new pieces from its unique result.