Collected Samples

1. Hiradu Onsen, Okuhida Onsen Area /Gifu 

2. Beppu Myouban Onsen /Oita 

3. Kawadu Onsen /Shizuoka 

4. Okuhida Onsen / Gifu

5. Noboribetsu Onsen /Hokkaido

YUNOHANA PROJECT (2017-on going)


Yunohana Project is a material reserch project. By using minerals from Japanese hot springs to clay body and glaze. 

One day I bought a hot spring powder (Yunohana). I happen to look at its component and noticed it contains very similar materials which we use for making glaze.
First I tested the hot spring powder as a glaze.  It came out from the kiln with a solid surface but a few days later it turned into the powder again. I never seen something like that before. I found it fascinating and start collecting hot spring powder from all over Japan. There is over 3000 hot spring places and each gives different result. 

I hope to make it into the product later by making an original clay/glaze for each hot spring place.