"Bathing Ceremony" (2014) 

Everyone should be spoiled in the bathroom
Leave your responsibilities with your clothes
Wash away your stress with water
Forget about the real world
Be yourself


”Bathing Ceremony” is a series of functional pieces that displays a new concept of bathing to European bathing culture. 
I see a bathroom as a separated world to the real world. 
The bathroom is a place where you can forget about the real world and be totally yourself as when you were child. It is a place where you reborn and regain a power to against the real world.
These pieces use unique aspects of the clay which appeal to your senses create a special atmosphere in the bathroom. They make you feel ready to experience this separated world and come back to the real world.  

Materials: Mixed clay, glaze, plaster and cotton


Tiles for the bathroom (2014)

Tiles for the bathroom is three bathroom tiles developed  from "Bathing Ceremony".

Gray tiles absorb the water.
They help your feet dry more quickly after you come out from a shower.
Other two tiles stimulate your bare foot.
Tiles with a rough surface scrub your foot. 
Tiles with green-dot glaze massage your feet.

Article about this project on Materia.nl