Local Clay Project (2014- )

This project is about making a unique product which reflect local character by using clay found in the area.

Case 1:   Bornholm

This small island has local red clay which contain a lot of iron and colors are beautiful in bisque so I decided to make a flower vase with low fired glaze.

The shape of the vase is inspired by the unique shape of the chimney of Røgeri, smoke house, which is famous on Bornholm and lot of tourists enjoy the beautiful smoked fish which shine in gold every summer. 


Case 2: Guatemala

While I stayed in Guatemala winter in 2015, I collected some local materials.

Guatemala has a lot of volcanos and lakes so I could imagine they have some ash based clay or sand.

I have got the black sand from south coast beach, pink soft stone from the mountain near by lake Izabal and the clay which I have got from local brick maker.

As Guatemala is famous with coffee I am planning to make a coffee equipment with these local materials. And here is a prototype for the coffee measure spoon made of pink stone. 

(But sadly the Guatemalan post is out of service for some years so this project has stopped as well until now)