Hotaru and Abuku

Two of new pieces from Hotarude series are added on the official shop! 


Abuku m (3 variations, Blue / Emerald in the picture )

Abuku m (3 variations, Blue / Emerald in the picture )


l 5400 yen  / m 5940 yen

”Abuku” in Japanese translates to sea bubbles in English. When you put this bowl under the light you can see the light is coming through the hole on the clay body which is filled up with colorful glaze.
The effect of small bubbles is created by a traditional ceramic techinique called ”Rice Porcelain/ Hotarude”. 
By creating it through color and simple shapes, it reveals a new aspect to this technique.

abuku はデンマークの避暑地であるボーンホルム島に住んでいたとき、美しく煌めきつつも、北欧特有 の透き通った静けさを感じさせる夏のバルト海にインスピレーションを受け作ったものが始まりで、それ以来形を変えつつ作り続けているものです。



4860 yen

The wind bell is something Japanese people use traditionally in steamy and hot summer weather.
We hang it besides the window and enjoy its sounds and looks to refresh ourselves from the heat. 
But "Hotaru" is not only for the warm weather. If you take off the cord, you can use it as well as a tea candle holder. 
So that you can enjoy this Hotaru-de effect whole year.



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