white porcelain series

White porcelain series is inspired by old, beautiful and weird things which I found at flea markets all over the Europe.
They are unique pieces to spice up a simple Scandinavian lifestyle yet designed to keep a good harmony with other minimalistic designs. 

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glaze series

Glaze line is started since I came back to Japan, mostly inspired by a daily life in Japan, specially modern Japanese life which is fine mixture of tradition and Western/European style.
It is also more focus on colors and textures of glazes, since Japan has such a rich market of raw materials for the ceramics.

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Since I have many glass blowers around, I could not help myself designing glass products, focused on their materiality. Here I have some pieces which I am making by myself by burner work technique or ordering own design to professional glass blowers.  

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order made

I sometimes make an order-made/ semi-ordermade pieces. Working together and bring what customers want into the real piece is difficult and exciting process.